Mental Health Discussion at Dover library

On August 3rd, 2019, the Healthy Right team headed over to Dover Free Public Library for the organization’s opening event. With a total audience of over 30 individuals, including Kristine Wilsusan, a health education consultant, the event was a smashing success! To begin, the Healthy Right team presented a powerpoint presentation emphasizing the need for mental health awareness among the youth and ways to make a change. In addition, the powerpoint contained an abundance of statistics and visuals in order to direct the much-needed attention to the issue. Afterward, the Healthy Right team presented five discussion questions one by one and urged the audience members to share thoughts and ideas. Those attending brought up many valid points and opinions, which resulted in a purposeful conversation about mental health. Following the discussion, the Healthy Right team passed out handmade stress balls and requested each person to write a change they would like to see in the healthcare system. This simple yet engaging activity was a pleasant way to conclude the event. After all matters were discussed, food and drinks were served and attendees travelled back home. Overall, the Healthy Right team was able to bring together, educate, and spend beneficial time with the community. In the future, Healthy Right hopes to host more events and raise awareness for health issues among teens.








Knock Out Opiate Abuse Town Hall

On September 16, 2019, the Healthy Right team attended Knock Out Opiate Abuse Town Hall. Representatives from organizations across the state gathered to discuss the current status of opiates and the ways opiates affects individuals and communities as a whole. The Healthy Right team spoke about our initiative and met with other organizations with similar goals.


Mental Health Discussion at Dover Library

Jefferson Fall Festival

On October 19, 2019, the Healthy Right team represented the organization at the Jefferson Fall Festival. The team members set up a table alongside similar organizations. The team spread the word about Healthy Right and all that we stand for. They also answered questions that citizens had about our organization.


Presentation at Mayor's Wellness Fair

On November 16th, 2019, the Healthy Right team participated in the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign Wellness Resource Fair at the Jefferson Township Senior Center. The Healthy Right team set up a table with flyers stating what they are and what they do as an organization, and a decorative donation bucket. Along with that, an interactive post-it activity was done. As people walked by, they were asked to write a few words on substance abuse. As the fair was wrapping up, the Healthy Right team asked many if they would like to stay afterwards for a substance abuse discussion led by Healthy Right. Many stayed and people from outside also came in time for the main event. The Healthy Right team prepared a slideshow presentation educating viewers about substance abuse. Statistics, graphs, and charts were included along with many other important pieces of information. Many responded well to the presentation and commended Heathy Right for bringing up a topic that is undiscussed among the youth; however, it should be. Healthy Right also had the pleasure of including Ms. Susan Woomer in their presentation. Ms. Woomer shared her personal story with substance abuse and left a lasting impression on the audience. HealthyRight believes that those attending gained an abundance of new information as well as the desire to make change. The Healthy Right team hopes to continue doing this through more events! Stay tuned for the next one!

More Events and Future Events

Additionally, we have remained active in our community by participating in events such as the Night of Conversation Opioid Education at the Mountain Lakes YMCA. We have advocated on the local level through a meeting with the Jefferson Township Board of Education and on the state level through a meeting with Nancy Munoz, politician in the New Jersey General Assembly. We are very grateful to be able to spread our message and learn from others and we are excited for future events and growth as an organization.

Jefferson Fall Festival

Jefferson Fall Festival