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About Us

Healthy Right is a youth-led, non-profit organization that envisions a society with reduced health care rates that allows all youth to get the healthcare they need. To make this possible, teens and community members are encouraged to get involved and solve today's public health issues such as nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and more. When an issue affects us, it is us, the youth, that should be doing something about it. Through both our work in communities and in legislation, we strive to raise awareness on the pressing healthcare problem and work to create solutions. Click here for more!

How We Started

Healthy Right was established in 2018. Currently our efforts are focused in Morris County, but through legislation and partnerships, our impact covers the entirety of New Jersey. 

Work In Legislation 

We hope to work with legislatures to increase healthcare coverage for services we believe are important to youth. To increase youth assess to the services they need, members of our organization work with the health department members of their local communities!

Our Mission

Work In Your Community

The first section in our organization involves work within your community. Healthy Right members create events, host community programs, and support other organizations that promote the health of teens and children. 


We Need Your Support Today!

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